MAP Reading Fluency

MAP Reading Fluency

MAP Reading Fluency assesses reading ability in grades K-5 in as little as 20 minutes.

As an adaptive test, readers and pre-readers will be assessed for different skills.

Pre-readers will be assessed in:

  • Foundational reading skills
    • Phonological Awareness- Noticing the sounds that make up spoken words, blending sounds to make words, and segmenting words into sounds.
    • Phonics/Word Recognition- Connecting letters to sounds and written words to spoken words.
    • Language Comprehension- Understanding words, sentences and groups of sentences in spoken or written language.
  • Dyslexia screening (grades K-3 only)
    • Flags students who are on track to be in the bottom 10% of their grade level for reading skills.
    • Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)- Measures the student's ability to quickly say the names of objects they recognize. People with slower RAN speeds often struggle with reading.

Readers will be assessed in:

  • Oral reading fluency: reading aloud that shows an understanding of the passage
  • Literal comprehension: understanding basic facts directly stated in the passage

After you register, you will receive confirmation of your order. Your child’s login credentials will arrive the next business day, and you may use them to test at any time.

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  • Microsoft Edge 106 or higher (Windows only)

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